Let’s start with the good news: innovation is alive and kicking at Apple! This can be seen from the multitude of wonderful products: the MacBook Airs are better than ever, the MacBook Pros with Intel processors, not to mention iPads and iOS 7.

The bad news is that the thrill has disappeared. Things are quite predictable, so you don’t have to worry about being taken by surprise. In fact, there is the same well-known passage: CEO Tim Cook comes to brag about their products, he announces gainings and expenses; people are then thunderstruck of Apple’s success. Wait, there is more! Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller recite their speeches and then they celebrate the apparition of a new item (MacBook, iPhone or iPad). Then again the same reserved euphoria.

This is no longer a surprise for the connoisseurs. You can have the impression of a “déjà-vu” with the iPad Air event this day, the World Wide Developer Conference last June or last year’s presentation of the Mini.

It’s obvious, things are managed in a different way than with Steve Jobs. There are fewer secrets, no surprises and people don’t seem too disturbed by these facts.


Sustaining Innovation

Concerning the products, Apple is known for its “consequent innovation”. In other words, each new product comes with an improvement, a better thing than the previous one.  This is called “sustaining innovation”.

The thing is, again, predictable. Each product announcement brings forward a new aspect, such as the “retina” display, the fingerprint sensor with Touch ID, the 64-bit A7 chip and so on.

Because the iPhone is Apple’s best sold product, it is obvious that these novelties come with the smartphones. Then they further develop the rest of the items, such as iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone.  An example is iPhone 4S and the third generation of Siri iPad.

This is how evolution works. And if we compare the 2007 iPhone or the 2010 iPad to their present features, we can see that they followed the exact steps we were talking about.

In this way, things are good and bad in the same time. People usually have great expectations regarding Apple’s product, and they are easily disappointed of this “step by step” improvement method.

If things continue like this, in a short time Apple will be only a company with good, but boring products, which will not captivate buyers anymore.

Some developers are truly innovative when it comes in developing new tweaks and apps for every jailbroken device, but there are also developers who prefer functions from the competitor platforms. This article is based on a function found in some Samsung Android based devices.

Cydia store is starting to get more and more of these packages that mimic other devices functions. From my point it is not a downside to have the same functions, but I consider it as improvement. But when it comes to a company in doing this I don’t agree this. Maybe because I consider innovation if you come with something new, regarding the new iOS 7 you do not a trained eye to see this, a lot of the new functions are based on some well-known cydia tweaks.


Who had a Samsung running Android will know about what I am talking about. The tweak I am trying to present is SBPageSwipe. This tweak will basically let you swipe between page more quickly if you swipe over the dots representing each page in the Home Screen. The person you should thank for this function is developer RiDan.

If you want this for your iPhone you can head to BigBoss repo in Cydia and get this tweak for free.